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 How to read a tab

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PostSubject: How to read a tab   Fri Nov 28, 2008 1:18 am

#1: This is a vibrato, if you don't know what is that guitar technic than take a look a this link.
#2: This is a bend a normal one, there could be bend, bend, 1 and 1 bend etc... To learn how to do those and more click on this lesson.
#3: There some natural, artificial, pinch harmonic etc... This one is a natural, the easiest one. To learn how to make one simply click on the link.
Natural Harmonic
#4: This is a pinch harmonic, Zakk Wylde alway use those. To learn that technic click here
Pinch Harmonic
#5: P.M., Palm Mute is a cool guitar trick, to learn how to do some, follow the link.
Palm Mute
#6: The T is for Tapping, a crazy guitar technic. Van Halen use it very often. To learn how to do it click on that link.
#7: This is for a whammy bar, not every guitar have one and if you doesn't have a floyd rose, you should not use it Wink . Before watching this video you should know how to do harmonics.
Whammy Bar
#8: This is a slide, this is use in every style of guitar. To learn how to do some click here
#9: This is an Hammer On and a Pull Off, it's the same technic except that Hammer on go up, and Pull off go down. He start explain them at close of 5 min (in the video)
Hammer On, Pull Off
#10: This is a dead note (X), i didn't found any guitar lesson explaining it... You just have to block your string to ring (by putting your left hand on them) then it the string with a pick. Be carefull to do not make a natural harmonic. Here a video where it is explain, but it's on a bass so don't do the thumb trick and take a pick instead.
Dead Note
#11: You don't need any video for a fade in, the concept is simple; the sound is low than it go up slowly (not a guitar trick just a sound trick).
#12: This just mean that you have to do this measure 10x time before going to next one.
#13: This sign mean hold your note (let it ring).
#14: This is picking sign. The #1 is Downstroke and the #2 Upstroke. Memorize these sign they are useful when you begin guitar. If you don't know how to do those thing just take a look at this lesson.
Alternate Picking (Down Up)
#15: This is the finger you need to use when you play the note. Here the finger and there number.

The thumb doesn't have any number.

#16: This is the tuning for this tab (Drop D), to get that tuning you should use a tuner if you begin. Then when you will get used to you can tune a guitar with your ears. The standard tuning of a guitar is EADGBE.

E or 1: The smallest string.
B or 2
G or 3
D or 4
A or 5
E or 6: The biggest string.

in Drop D this would be


Keep every other string in standard except the biggest one.

To learn how to use a tuner check this video.
Tuning Guitar
#17: This is the tempo (per minute) you can use a metronome to do it. In this lesson he use a piano but it's the same thing for guitar.

To understand how string and frets work take a look a this picture

This is your neck.

That it you should be able now to read a tab, i'll add thing later.
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How to read a tab
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